A Partnership for information protection

Thank you for checking our security and privacy information. We value our partnership with you and are committed to protecting the security and privacy of your personal information.

On this page, we provide a list of some activities that we perform in order to safeguard your data. We also include some tips for helping you protect your information when you are accessing our services.

What we do!

1. We employ industry-proven standards and technologies to protect information in our environment.

2. We protect our systems and networks from the Internet with Firewall systems.

3. We employ Intrusion Detection software, and monitor for unauthorized access.

4. We maintain and selectively review activity logs, to prevent unauthorized activities from occurring within our computing environment.

5. We use encryption technology to protect certain sensitive information that is transmitted over the Internet.

6. We control access to your information inside our company by limiting employee access to systems and data based on business requirements.

7. We build Information Security into our systems and networks by following our Information Security Policy and Standards. These documents are based on internationally respected security standards, applicable laws and regulations, and industry-based best practices.

8. We provide Information Security awareness courses and materials to our employees, to educate and motivate them in applying our Information Security Policy and Standards to their job every day.

Our employees are responsible for upholding our Information Security policy and standards.

Your contribution!

Your contribution is important to protect the security of your access to our services. You can help prevent unauthorized access by following these security tips:

1. If you are a affiliate member, protect your user ID (user name) or password, by keeping it unique and known only to you. These are keys for accessing your information on our system. Please protect them. Avoid writing your password in a place where others can view it. Use the “LOGOUT” button to logout upon completion of your transactions on the Web site and close your browser software. Failure to log out could endanger the security of your personal information by potentially allowing others using the same computer to access information saved or cached in the memory of the browser.

2. If you are an individual using our web site to buy on-line, be sure you close your browser software (e.g.: Explorer, Firefox, etc) upon completion of your transactions on the Web site. Our system will not allow the use of the “back” buttom after you finished your transactions.

3. In the event that you believe that an unauthorized person has accessed your information, we require you to inform us as soon as possible.

4. Remember, when you use a credit card for online Internet shopping, we guarantee that you will not be liable for fraudulent charges to that card. That is our pledge to you. So relax, and enjoy your online shopping experience.

The activities described herein are subject to change without notice, but we intend to update this Security Statement and include new tips when it is appropriate and helpful to you.

Safeguarding Your Privacy

Our privacy commitment to you: We are committed to providing you with financial products and services to meet your needs. Our commitment includes protecting personal information we obtain about you (referred to as “information” in this notice) when you obtain a product from us to be used primarily for personal, family, business or household purposes. We want to earn your trust by providing strict safeguards to protect information about you as we continue to bring you valuable products and services. Please read this notice to learn about your Privacy rights. Should any changes occur to this notice in the future, you will be able to determine this by referring to the “Last Revised” date at the bottom of this privacy statement.

Our Privacy Practices

Our information-sharing practices apply to: Customers and Former Customers, Applicants, Travel Agencies and Intermediary Brokers.

We collect information from: Applications, questionnaires, quote requests and other forms you submit, such as your name, address and telephone number, personal identification numbers; Your transactions with us and others, such as, risk cost and internal administrations fees, payment history, parties to transactions and credit card usage; Credit Card clearing-houses (to determine your eligibility for credit card use); Web-based tools when you visit our Web sites, such as “cookies”.

We May Disclose the Information Described Above to: Companies in our corporate group; Other financial services providers, insurance companies and business partners in joint marketing agreements (CA Residents: we will not disclose information about you to other financial service providers in joint marketing agreements, other than as required or permitted by law, unless you authorize us to do so); Non-financial service providers, such as retailers, online and offline advertisers, airlines, cruise lines, and companies who help market our products Carefully selected business partners (e.g., so they can alert you to valuable products and services); Others, such as non-profit organizations, and third parties when you direct us to share information about you.

Our Security Practices

1. We have safeguards to keep information confidential and secure.

2. We have up-to-date physical safeguards, such as secure areas in buildings; electronic safeguards, such as passwords and encryptions; and procedural safeguards, such as customer authentication procedures to prevent ID theft.

3. We restrict access to information about you to only those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to you.

4. We carefully select and monitor outside service providers, such as mail vendors, who have access to customer information, and we require them to keep it safe and secure.

5. We do not allow them to use or share the information for any purpose other than the job they are hired to do.

6. We train our employees on these security procedures, and we conduct regular audits to check on compliance with the procedures.

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