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  • Rapid and Easy Application.
  • No underwriting in the sale process.
  • Instant and immediate Certificate of Insurance and travel documentation issued.
  • High Commission Level without charges.
  • Direct pay of Commission
  • No charges for our program membership.
  • Support and Assistance 24/7 all year around.
  • Marketing office tools: group quotes, sales tracking and much more.

Working together...
Agents/Partners Program Membership

Our Agents/Partners Program offers better quality products and service to your clients, and at the same time, is a great way for you to generate extra income.
You will receive a commission for every sale you generate, and you will find our program is one of the most rewarding programs of its kind in the travel insurance industry today.

You will be able to sell our travel plans from your office, home, or any place in the world where there is access to the Internet with a computer, laptop, or smart phone.

You will get assistance, support and high technology applications to improve your sales through our marketing tools like: promotional brochures, discount codes, special group quotes, sales tracking and much more.

Sign up today! and start earning extra revenue offering travel insurance plans.

Who can become an Agents/Partners Member?

  • Travel Agencies
  • Travel Agents
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Service Providers
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Any kind of organization or association
  • Any web site
  • Special Interest Travel Programs: Alumni Associations, Museums, etc.

How can extra revenue be generated?

There are different ways to generate extra revenue offering our travel plans by using one or more options listed below:

  • By logging into our web site to generate a sale from anywhere in the world;
  • By placing a Banner (or Text Link) in your site contents or in your advertising emails;
  • By registering a subaffiliate under your hierarchy;
  • By using Coupons with a promotional code, thereby providing your clients with a discounted rate;
  • By sending the transaction information from your web site application to our web service in real time;
  • By Co-branding.

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