Developments of Coronavirus outbreak

Due to the situation resulting from the Coronavirus outbreak since January 21, 2020, this is considered a foreseeable event for our plans. Therefore, the plans are excluding it from cancellation/interruption benefits. In reference to the restrictions and regulations imposed by the governments of different countries, we want to clarify that preventive confinement or imposed quarantine are not considered an eligible event under any of the benefits of our plans. Also note fear of travel, travel advisories, and destination being inaccessible due to coronavirus, are not covered risks under our policies.

Emergency Medical Treatment benefits may be eligible for travelers under the Policy if they contract the virus while traveling regardless of the date of travel. However, our plans may contain exclusions relating to complications of pre-existing conditions and government prohibition or regulation. Referrer to your policy wording for the full policy terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions.

If you are already traveling outside your country of residence and your current policy is about to expire or expired (whether or not it is from our company), you can purchase our complementary premium plan. Click here for more information on our TravelMedical insurance.

You can contact us prior to a trip if you have any questions or concerns, at +1 310 694-8453 or write to

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